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My Background

Where it all began

Growing up, one of the greatest highlights of my childhood was to visit my grandparent's house in California. My grandmother had a luscious green garden full of flowers on a hill covered with vines and a beautiful waterfall. The hill led to a grassy meadow with flower beds and a large shady trees.  this is where my passion for plants began. I loved spending as much time as I could in this paradise. My grandparents wanted to encourage my love of plants, and would pay me a quarter for every plant I could identify. This is where my passion for plants began.


Between my love of gardening and all things horticultural, these experiences have shaped me into who I am today. I obtained my degree in horticulture from Brigham Young University-Idaho to feed my desire to design beautiful, plant-filled oases like my grandmother's for others. I hope that my designs can provide that same comfort for you and inspire others to appreciate the beauty of nature.

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